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1-LP Holland
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Gatefold Sleeve, Limited Edition, High Quality

The second live album by the funk band Kool and the Gang, Live at P.J.’s, was released on the New York-based De-Lite label in 1971. As the title indicates, the LP was recorded at P.J.’s, which was a popular nightclub and music venue in West Hollywood, California. Kool & the Gang would score a bunch of hits in the ‘80s, but that period was nowhere near as funky and full of groove and jazz flourishes as their earlier recordings. That soul-jazz hybrid that they excelled in playing can be found on this amazing club performance. The band is predictably on fire throughout the set, tearing through some hot instrumentals, along with some nice vocals on the medley of “Ike’s Mood” and “You’ve Got That Lovin’ Feelin’.” The song “N.T.” (No Title) contains a widely sampled drum break which has been used in songs by such artists as Nas, Q-Tip, N.W.A., Public Enemy and Blue Boy.


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